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Anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

The symptoms

This treatment is addressing two distinct symptom sets. One is based on general anxiety and fear; the other is based on feelings of contamination. Clients can have either or both types.

A person with OCD has a continuous feeling of anxiety or fear (and often paranoia). Characteristic behaviors to this disorder include compulsive hand washing, fear of contamination and poisoning, and often feelings of paranoia. Repetitive, compulsive behaviors are designed to try and reduce the undefined feelings of fear and anxiety. Often, the person with the disorder becomes delusional trying to explain their feelings - e.g., people are trying to poison them, the government is after them, etc.

Our treatment usually takes 5-10 hours over three (and occasionally 4-5) sessions. We use a regression technique that evokes trauma at the developmental event that causes the susceptibility to this problem; and then healing is done using a variety of standard trauma healing techniques. Once treatment is over, the client's underlying fear and anxiety that was driving obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviours is gone.

Client 1: Below is a short (8 minute) video from an OCD client that has completed this treatment.

Client 2: And here is a written testimonial from a different OCD client.
"For over 20 years I had OCD rituals, and now they are gone, with a healing methodology used by the ISPS (Institute for the Study of Peak States.)

The rituals included checking to see if the stove was on or off, turning taps on and off as a ritual, etc. It was really just about anything. As any person with OCD can attest to.

When I heard that the ISPS had finished developing their OCD treatment, I contacted Shayne McKenzie to have the process done. Given that they have a policy of charging for results, I had nothing to lose. There is nothing invasive, no drugs, or counselling. Just following a treatment protocol including the use of trauma healing techniques that have been developed and improved over many years now with many clients.

The process was carried out over the internet using teleconferencing software. He was able to give the instructions over the internet for me to carry out. The process was a success, with all rituals gone after the first session, though it took a few hours.

The next 2 sessions were a follow up and to ensure that the results were stable. The rituals are still entirely gone.

My name is Andrew, and if you have OCD, I highly recommend this process for eliminating OCD rituals. Just visit the website for more information.

Yours sincerely,

Clinic Staff
The clinic staff that deliver this treatment include:

Name Country Languages Website links
Mary Pellicer MD USA English
Jennifer Beattie Canada English
Ghita Ibnbrahim Canada French, English
Shayne McKenzie Australia, New Zealand, Europe, UK English
Kirsten Lykkegaard DVM Europe Danish, English


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