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What to Expect in a Clinic Session

The sessions last about 90 minutes but it is best to allow 2 hours in case we run over. Please be understanding if your session starts late as a result of an earlier overrun. After a session you might experience some tiredness – as traumas are healed the body often relaxes deeply so it is best to be prepared ahead of time. Occasionally, in the course of treatment a particular condition might worsen before it gets better. Although not common, if this occurs and causes you concern, simply contact your clinic therapist to discuss what needs to be done before the next session.

We typically do two to three sessions per problem spaced over a week or so to make sure we've eliminated all of your problem.

We use several different types of healing techniques at the clinic – some of them we will teach you so that you can use them on your self during the therapy. One of our primary tools is Whole-Hearted Healing™, which is a simple way to heal issues in the present by locating and healing underlying past traumas. We also use simple meridian techniques such as EFT.

Before your first appointment, we would like you to download, read over and fill out the following forms. This helps you by giving you time to fill out the questions without being rushed. It also gives you time to think about what you've read in case a question comes up, so you can ask it at your first appointment. To download the forms, simply right click on the links below:

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