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Certified therapists in private practice:
Treating other disorders (and peak states)

Our Institute clinics are focussed on just a few serious disease conditions. Fortunately, we've also developed treatments for a wide variety of other intractable psychological issues. We license these techniques to PeakStates Certified therapists in private practice; below are listed a few of the issues that they are available to help you with. For a detailed description of these and other services, and how to find therapists in your area, visit the peak states therapist website at

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  • Emotional issues and problems (anxiety, stress, depression, phobias)
  • Trauma (abuse, war, childhood memories)
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Addictions – the most difficult part of overcoming addiction is dealing with cravings, which are deeply routed in our psyche. This process eliminates cravings (and withdrawal), allowing the client to overcome their addiction. It is particularly effective with drug (heroin, cocaine, etc.) and alcohol addiction.
  • Spiritual emergencies and non-ordinary experiences
  • Relationship issues - the way we interact with people is often governed by traumatic incidents in the past, which are deeply buried in our subconscious. Whether we are relating to family members or fellow workers, these past traumatic incidents affect our behavior often leading to unhappiness and conflict. This process addresses these issues eliminating some of the underlying causes of relationship difficulties.
  • Core Issue Process - for those who have undergone some trauma healing and perhaps a couple of peak states processes but want to more fundamentally improve their consciousness, we recommend the Core Issue Process. This involves the uncovering and healing of deep-seated traumas that affect us in most situations. An example is ‘I’m not good enough.’ Someone with such a core issue will view life from behind a lense, which colours all their experience. The problem is that many core issues are difficult for the individual to recognize as they are so used to experiencing them in every aspect of their lives. This process defines, accesses and heals such core issues.
…. and many other conditions, disorders and issues. Certified therapists also 'charge for results' - with the PeakStates clinic staff available to assist your therapist in difficult or unusual situations, so that you can get the results you hope for.

Life Improvement/ Peak State Processes

In addition, the Institute for the Study of Peak States has developed a range of specific trauma healing processes to improve well-being. Certified therapists have had training to help you gain or recover various peak states of consciousness, such as:
  • Life Improvement – This is a series of sessions where together we resolve emotional issues, deal with relationship challenges and move you towards ‘peak states’ where life can be much more enjoyable.
  • Corporate Life Improvement – This is particularly focused on improving both effectiveness and enjoyment at work.
  • Turning a peak experience into a peak state - many people have had an amazing peak experience and would like to have that feeling as a permanent state of being. This process guides you to achieve that goal.
  • Inner Peace - this gives a sense of underlying calmness and means that past trauma has a much more limited effect in the present. In this state, emotions are experienced in proportion to whatever is happening, so ‘emotional triggers’ are greatly reduced. Since the vast majority of people’s daily problems are caused by past traumatic material surfacing in the present, you can imagine how much better they would feel if they were in this state. Although this is the case for everyone, it’s particularly applicable to people suffering a large number of emotional issues. Rather than try to heal these issues one at a time, this process greatly reduces the tendency to access the past traumas that underlie the issue.
  • Seeing your Life Path - this process gives you the ability to know if you are or are not on your optimum life path, and to be able to easily heal trauma that would cause you to leave it. When you are on your life path, there is a sense of euphoria even when difficult tasks are undertaken.
  • The Silent Mind Technique™ – This process eliminates disruptive mind chatter in ordinary people. Although virtually everyone benefits, this process is ideal for meditators, as the mind is quiet at all times, not just during meditation. This process also eliminates the 'tribal block'; the internal limitations a culture put on a person.

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