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ADD/ ADHD - "Can't Focus Attention"

Is this your problem?
A person with this problem finds that they have to keep their attention diffused and unfocused - if they try and concentrate their attention, it feels like their awareness breaks into many pieces, like a crystal vase that has shattered on the floor. This problem is sometimes diagnosed as 'psychosis', although the person with it isn't necessarily delusional or imagining things. Instead, they try to function with an awareness that is fragmented. This is not multiple personality disorder or a self-identity problem - instead, the person cannot focus attention, because if they try, their mind feels like it fragments.

Treatment is quick and simple, typically taking one treatment of between 2 and 3 hours, with a follow-up session to check for stability of the repair. It involves regression to an early developmental event, followed by the use of standard trauma-healing techniques. There is a day or two of adjustment time - the typical client feels like their very solid in their body and this new solidity can take a while to get used to in walking and thinking. For this reason, we recommend that the client has someone else drive for the rest of the day following treatment.

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  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in the Wikipedia.

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