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Pay for Results - Defining Success

The Institute clinics use a “charge for results” fee structure, which means that we only accept payment if together we are successful at significantly resolving your issue/s. When you come in for your initial visit, your therapist will take a health history and discuss what you would like to work on. Together you agree what would constitute a successful resolution and pay an agreed upfront fee. Should the treatment not be effective, your therapist may ask a more advanced practitioner for assistance and should this not work, your money will be refunded. The “charge for results” fee structure is a question of ethics, as we do not want to be paid if we have been unsuccessful. We also believe that this system encourages better clarification of the client’s issue and more efficient performance by the therapist.

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Our system of charging is quite unique in the health care field. We use a charge for results fee structure so that the client pays only for a successful outcome to the therapy. For example, in the case of The Silent Mind Technique™, this means that the fee is paid upfront and we hold the money until a predefined period of 2 weeks has passed from the time that the voices have gone (for this disorder, this length of time is long enough to be sure the treatment is stable). If in this period the voices come back and we are not able to help you get rid of them, then we will return the fee paid for the therapy. It is ethically important to us that clients pay for therapy only when it achieves the desired results.

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