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Visit the following websites for more information on voice hearing.

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The Hearing Voices Network - - this organisation supports voice hearers and campaigns for their rights. In particular they dislike the term 'schizophrenia'. Some members of the organisation suggest that it is useful to understand and engage in dialogue with the voices. Although our model does not support this view, we greatly respect the work this organisation is doing to support voice hearers and to challenge prejudice and conventional perspectives in mental health. - - Many articles on pre-natal trauma related to schizophrenia, including tips on pre-natal care to reduce pre-natal trauma related to schizophrenia.

One in One Hundred - - general information on schizophrenia.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists - - this gives a good overview of the range of symptoms associated with schizophrenia and a summary of medication often prescribed. In our view, it does not yet reflect more recent research that points to prenatal trauma as being primary in the hearing voices problem.

Mind - - a leading mental health charity providing guidance and support to people with a range of mental health challenges.

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