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Testimonials for the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) treatment
Sept 18, 2014

“Even the act of reaching an extra few inches for the sponge takes great effort”
"I have been mostly bed bound, unable to work, exercise, date, have much of a social life or function very well at all"

“Even the act of reaching an extra few inches for the sponge takes great effort”

"I've had CFS for 24 years. The symptoms have changed over time, but the overwhelming fatigue has been there from the start and never left. Currently (and for the past ten years or so), I have to spend everyday in bed for most of the day."

"I have Orthostatic Intolerance, so standing in one place or sitting upright is uncomfortable. I’ve had to setup my computer so that it can be accessed in bed, and I spend my days staving off the boredom and loneliness by watching movies."

"I have Post-Exertional Malaise where I must carefully monitor how much I do, and if I overexert, I collapse for a few days, weeks, or even a year or more in the case of extreme (though what’s “extreme” to me may be considered mild by normal standards) or prolonged overexertion. I’ve never been totally bed-bound like some, but I consider myself semi-house-bound, meaning that while I can go out and run necessary errands (like grocery shopping), it’s only with great effort (though during this brief period, I appear normal, which sometimes causes people to believe I’m malingering). Each “outing,” no matter how trivial, causes a setback, so I must go out as little as possible and carefully conserve my energy while out. Usually this means just doing ONE thing, the most important one, and leave all the rest for later, perhaps never to be done."

"A few years ago, I could manage a once a week grocery trip, but for the past couple years, that’s been difficult. I could manage a social life at one time, but not anymore. All the little necessities of daily life are difficult. During periods of greater fatigue, even the act of reaching an extra few inches for the sponge, for example, takes great effort. I complete a bare minimum, mostly to feed myself, and then go back to bed to rest. A slight miscalculation due to enthusiasm or a normal bobble in my routine (like having to move, repair the car, deal with pests getting in the home, someone spraying pesticides outside, etc.), will cause a setback to a greater or lesser degree. All these little things add up, and since it takes a very long time to recover even tiny amounts of energy, it’s almost inevitable something happens to topple all my progress or even make me sicker than before. Thus I have passed the years, missing my 20’s, then my 30’s."

"My brain fog, memory, and cognitive impairment is mild compared to others, but it’s definitely there. MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) is likewise present but mild compared to others. Appetite is poor, and I’m underweight."

"It worked! Who would think that 24 years of CFS could be lifted in just a few days? Imagine all the resting I did, all the different therapies, supplements, and drugs I tried, with progress maddeningly slow, always teetering on the precipice of another setback, with the gentlest nudge, a tiny bit of over-enthusiasm or one of life's normal bobbles, sending me over. After years of living this way, CFS started to seem like a giant boulder, utterly immoveable, and treating it was like chipping away a tiny hammer and chisel, always wondering if the effort was pure folly."

"Thus it was hard to believe when Grant said that he'd treated other people with CFS and right away, the next day even, CFS was gone--not just partially, but completely."

"Well, it happened exactly like that!"

"Immediately after the session, I didn't feel much different. [Editor's note: his session ended at 1am as he was working with our European clinic over skype.]"

"The next day, I tested myself by doing a little bit of carpentry work. Prior to the treatment, on good days, I could do a tiny amount of work, and if I did even a tiny bit too much, I'd need days or even weeks to recover. The project, a shelving unit, was of course taking forever, but I was happy just to be able to do any work on it at all, as I've gone through long periods (a year or longer) where this kind of thing was simply not possible. Even if this exertion was damaging to my health, even more damaging was the emotional stress of boredom, lying in bed all day, so I did what I could, carefully balancing the physical stress against emotional stress... and often failing and causing a setback."

"The day after the treatment, on one level, I didn't feel too different. I was a bit tired and flulike, but as I went through my morning routine, preparing my breakfast and lunch, I noticed a marked difference. Normally, all the little tasks involved with that, which normal people hardly give a thought, are the source of great struggle for me, like lifting 100 lbs. To get through all of them, then, is a daily ordeal, but now, that feeling was gone. It wasn't effortless like a truly healthy person, but the sense of great struggle was gone, completely gone."

"After this, I did a bit of work on the shelves, and I had to rein myself in. Even though my muscles, in their deconditioned state were getting tired and shakey, I could just go on and on, ignoring the flulike fatigue, which I believe is residual toxins and opportunistic infections that my body will quickly clear now that CFS itself is gone."

"I did this two days in a row, at levels which before would have made me collapse, but I felt fine. Whatever the process was that caused that terrible "run over by a truck" feeling of Post-Exertional Malaise, perhaps the defining characteristic of CFS, was no longer occurring."

"Another test I did was for Orthostatic Intolerance, which is common in CFS. I tried to stand and sit upright for a few minutes without moving because before, this would make me very uncomfortable and need to lie down (or at least lean against the wall or sit if I couldn't lie down at the time). I found this symptom to be slightly improved but not gone, but I think that it will gradually improve now that the main CFS disease process is gone."

"Grant had warned me that often, even if CFS is gone after the first session, it might come back due to things they didn’t find the first time. This was the case with me, and though I was forewarned, when I felt the characteristic Post-Exertional Malaise return, I did worry a bit and had some doubts. However, the sense that even trivial exertions, like reaching an extra few inches for something was a great effort, was still gone."
Kanon Kubose photo

"After another session, where indeed, they discovered a few more things, the collapse of Post-Exertional Malaise went away again, and I could do hours of backbreaking carpentry work. It once again amazed me how a symptom so profound could be just lifted away like that. I did get tired, of course, but it was the kind of tiredness normal humans get, not the CFS kind of fatigue, which is totally and utterly different."

"I continued exerting myself day after day, no collapse, full of energy. Some days, when I woke up, I’d feel tired from all the exertion the day before and worry CFS was back, but once I started working, I’d know quite clearly that it was still gone. I can push through fatigue like a normal person again, and afterwards, I’m fine, not collapsing and recovering after the normal amount of rest that normal people need. I’ve seen both sides, and it was really frustrating when people would think I was lazy or malingering because I could no longer push through and recover like they could. Well, now I do again. It’s like night and day. CFS is real, and so is this treatment to heal it."

"Also real is the Pay For Results deal. There’s no catch, no trick. After all they’ve done for me, I haven’t yet paid a dime. I’m over-exerting, really pushing myself everyday (One day, I even pushed a small motorcycle up and down hills, something that would’ve absolutely killed me before.) to truly put this to the test. In another week, if CFS is still gone, I will gladly pay the fee."

"Orthostatic Intolerance and brain fog are a lot better. (They’re not officially part of the criteria for the Pay For Results policy.) Before, I couldn’t tolerate even a few minutes of sitting or standing upright, but now I can do sitting meditation again, stand and talk to someone without strain, and sit up to eat instead of be lying in bed, fumbling with the utensils. It’s been a long time since I could do these things."

"I still think my body might have some more cleaning up to do after twenty-four years of CFS. Some of the tiredness and the flulike feeling might be from my detox and immune system going to work on all of it, not just the exertion, but I expect this to clear soon now that the underlying cause of CFS, the blocked nuclear pores, has been healed. Regardless, like a normal person who over-exerted and has a slight cold, it’s easy to push on through, keep going day by day, and still recover from it all. I feel like I’ve been given my life back, a day I often despaired I would never see again."

~ Kanon Kubose
California, USA
April 27, 2014

"I have been mostly bed bound, unable to work, exercise, date, have much of a social life or function very well at all"

"For the past six years I’ve had chronic fatigue syndrome. It hit me when I was 22 years old, at a time when I was highly functioning – exercising a few hours a day and running my own vitamin business. I have been mostly bed bound, unable to work, exercise, date, have much of a social life or function very well at all. I have had a constant shortness of breath, extreme exhaustion, brain fog, panic attacks, chest pains, loss of sex drive, exercise intolerance, and many other strange sensations and feelings. I’ve spent well over a few hundred thousand dollars on vitamins, IV therapies, cleansing, organic foods, brain regeneration techniques, blood ozone therapies, oxygen therapies, magnets, chiropractors, energy healers, acupuncture, consciousness techniques, neurofeedback, retreats, psychologists, hormone replacement, nutritionists, etc. I’ve traveled the country and went to alternative clinics in Mexico to leading hospitals in Boston. I have forced myself to lay in bed for long periods of time and do special breathing techniques. I have gone as deep as I know how into my subconscious, I have used NLP, hypnosis, positive thinking, affirmations – every strategy I could find. I have sought out many authors, teachers, experts, MD’s, ND’s, NMD’s, PhD’s, DC’s, guru’s, you name it. I have followed all the advice, suggestions, protocols, diets 100% of the way without any slipping up. I have been desperate to get well, I have tried so many things, and nothing has yet to recover my energy or give me my life back. A lot of therapies seem to relieve some symptoms or stop the bleeding in a sense, but I have yet to get well. After all of these years of begging, and praying for my recovery – I feel like I’m finally going to get helped by working with Peak States Institute. I am very hopeful about working with them, I feel certain that they have an understanding and a protocol for CFS that no one else has. I’m looking forward to getting started."

Along the way, through my attempts at healing, I realized that I've had two separate conditions.. I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), and I have what is referred to or called "adrenal burnout". In my case, the symptoms of the adrenal burnout showed up first, and then it turned into a deeper, more extreme fatigue. The "adrenal burnout" started with shortness of breath, heart palpitations, extreme anxiety, etc - and it has ultimately turned into a feeling of being "drained". It feels as if I'm missing the magic life juice that gives color and balance to everything, and I'm just depleted and drained all the time. I've come to understand that CFS and adrenal fatigue/burnout appear similar in some ways, but are actually two totally different conditions - so from this point forward I'll write about the CFS and how it was treated by the Peak States Institute.


"When I first came to Grant and the peak States institute, I was chronically exhausted and completely drained all the time. No matter how much sleep I would get, I would still feel exhausted. I remember a few days prior to working with Grant, I drove about half an hour to Whole Foods... And I took a nap before driving, and I took a nap in the parking lot, and then I took a nap when I got home. Sometimes I wouldn't have to sleep long, but I would just be so chronically tired that I needed to constantly sleep. After working with Grant and his team, I immediately started noticing changes. In fact, I was a little scared because I've never actually been able to get real results so fast.. so in some way I felt a bit nervous when I realized that something REAL was taking place in my body. After the session, I didn't know what I felt- but I felt different, and at first it was hard for me to describe. I went downstairs and looked at my mom and said "mom, I don't know what just happened to me in that session, but whatever was in my body for all these years.. It's no longer here". The CFS was gone. From that day forward I have no longer had the debilitating tiredness, and also I've noticed that I don't have the tenderness in my neck or sore throats anymore which I believe are symptoms of CFS.

After all the years of research into this condition and different therapies I've tried, this has been the only treatment I've found that actually completely worked. In terms of healing this, I feel very fortunate that I've had the opportunity to work with peak states. In my opinion, their research and protocols are lightyears beyond where the rest of the medical world, healers, and alternative medicine is at. The whole team at Peak States is amazing and I'm incredibly grateful for everything they've done for me. I feel blessed. I'm still dealing with this "drained" feeling from the "adrenal burnout", but the extreme tiredness has lifted, and I'm not stuck in bed sleeping so much anymore. I feel blessed. Thank you Peak States!"

~ Christopher David
Maryland, USA
Sept 16, 2014

    A comment from the Institute: Chris still has a problem that he calls 'adrenal fatigue' that he got before he got the CFS. The symptoms are distinctly different, and have a different cause; it makes him feel 'a drained kind of tired'. We are working on a treatment for this also, but as of this writing (Sept 18, 2014) we don't yet have a treatment.

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